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Instructors and Training Center Examiners

Ray Brendle – President

Ray Brendle Over 30 years ago, Ray founded Ray's Flight Systems, Inc. as a B-737 flight training business. Today, he is President of Crew Pilot Training. Ray served in the USAF, began flying in 1959, and obtained his Commercial Pilot Certificate in the early 60's. He also flew for Continental Airlines and retired in 2001, one month prior to 9/11. He is type rated in the CE-500, Lear, DC-9, MD-80, and B-737. He also holds a Dispatcher License, A&P Mechanic License, Flight Engineer Certificate, CFI-AI, and AGI-IA. Ray resides in Kingwood, TX and his hobbies include grandkids.

Gib Minor – Director of Training / PE / TCE

Gib Minor Gib is also twice retired. First from a 20 year career with the US Air Force, and then from a 15 year career from World Airways as a Captain on the DC-10, MD-11 & B747-400 and as a Check Captain. He is also a civilian test pilot involved in Part 25 aircraft certification for the Department of Defense. Gib is Crew Pilot Training's FAA Program Evaluator, and also serves as a Training Center Evaluator. He currently holds an ATP ME B-737, B-747-4, DC-10, MD-11 type ratings. Flight Engineer Turboprop - Turbojet, Mechanic A&P, Ground Instructor Adv & Instrument, Remote Pilot. Gib and his wife Bev live on their small ranch in the panhandle of Florida, and also run the Freeport (Eglin AFB) satellite center.

Stephen Lee – Manager / Consultant

Stephen Lee Steve is a newly retired Air Force pilot. He began his career in the Air Force working as crew chief for 4 years before going on to fly C-17s after obtaining a commission. While flying, Steve completed USAF Weapons Officer training and became a C-17 pilot instructor and evaluator. He has over 6000 flying hours and 1000 hours of combat time in every war since 2001. Steve lives in Charleston, SC with his wife.

Chester (Chuck) Carter – Manager / Consultant / TCE Examiner

Chester (Chuck) Carter

Mitch Inman – Consultant / TCE Examiner

Mitch Inman Mitch is an Instructor Pilot and Training Center Examiner at CPT; known for his ability to build a B-737 blind-folded and a single rivet. His flying started in 1964, west of O'Hare field. He began actively flying through the 70's in flight training and Air Taxi, moving on to freight with Evergreen Int'l in the L-188 & DC-9. Mitch eventually found himself working for Continental Airlines where he flew the DC-9, MD-80, DC-10, B-727, B-737, B-757 and B-767. He retired in 2006. Mitch's instructional days begin in 1971. Since then, he as given over 9000+ hours of instruction in aircraft and simulators. He was awarded AOPA Flight Training's 'Best Instructor 2013'. He currently holds ATP SE & ME, Gold Seal CFI-AI-MEI & AGI-IA and an A&P. He is currently restoring a 1941 Stearman.

Jim Davis – Consultant / TCE Examiner

Jim DavisJim Davis, Naval aviator. Flew P-3A and B models in the Pacific area and then instructed multi-engine pilots in Corpus Christi before joining the reserves in New Orleans on the P-3. He is pictured with his daughter who is now a Naval aviator in P-3C and P-8. Jim worked for the original Braniff Airlines as a B727 FE and FO for 2 years. He then went to work with Continental Airlines as a B727 FE and FO. Moved to the B737 as a FO when CAL added them to their fleet. He flew the 300, 500, 700, 800 and 900 models as a FO and CA, with over 18,000 hours in type. He briefly flew the DC-9 as a FO and the B777 as a CA. Jim also worked in CAL flight training department as a Sim instructor, FAA designee and line check airman. He is currently an instructor and TCE with Crew Pilot Training.

Sean Crotty – Consultant / TCE Examiner

Sean Crotty Sean is an IP at CPT. Companies flown for: Republic Airlines, World Airways, Air Atlanta Icelandic. Most recent experience: 747-400 Captain for Air Atlanta Icelandic. USAF aircraft flown: T-37, T-38, KC-135, C-141. Civilian types: B707; B720; B737; B747-400; ERJ-170/175; DC-10-30. Over 9000 total hours operating to over 50 countries worldwide.

Bruce Sprague – Consultant

Bruce Sprague Bruce flew in the US Air Force and USAF Reserves (C-141 Starlifter and C-5 Galaxy) for 14 years, and flew 28 years with Continental Airlines (B727 for 15 years and on the B737-300, -500, -700, -800, and -900 for 13 years). All together, he has almost 25,000 hours flying time. Bruce graduated from Auburn University in 1970 (Aviation Management), and now gives tours at NASA in Houston. He has two daughters, two sons, and eight grandchildren.

John Piplow – Consultant

John Piplow

Jim Rush – Consultant

Jim Rush

Rob Nebel – Consultant

Rob Nebel Rob has been flying since 1968. Started out as a chopper pilot in the US Army. One tour in Viet Nam. Joined the Air Force in 1973. Flew back seat in the F-4 for a bit. Choppers again. H-3 in the Air Force. Also IP in the T-37. Retired from the Air Force and went to work at Midway. Flew the DC-9 and the MD-80. Started work in 1993 at Southwest and flew the 737-200-300-500 and the 700. Returned back to CPT in 2011 and he has been with CPT since 2011. Great guy with over 30,000 total flight hours.

Jim Wohlleber – Consultant

Jim Wohlleber Retired from Continental after 20 years; B767 International (EWR). Flew for CIA in Afghanistan/Iraq for 9 months followed by 3 years with Mark Cuban/Dallas Mavericks/Oakland A’s and four months for Donald Trump. International B767 repo flying in addition to the sports team flying. Type rating IP on B767 for pt 121 air carrier on B767 (MIA). 28,000 hours; 20,000 in heavy Boeings.

Jeff Burke – Consultant / TCE Examiner

Jeff Burke Jeff is a recently retired Continental / United Pilot with many years of the B727, B737, and B757/767, as well as other forms of civilian aviation. He retired from the test and ferry division of Continental / United. Jeff has been working with CPT since 1991 as both an instructor and Training Center Evaluator.

John Benson – Consultant

John Benson John is a former university professor, scientific researcher and US Army veteran. He holds B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Physics/Math and Space Physics & Astronomy. John also holdS ATP and FE certificates. He is type rated in the B-737, B-757, B-767 and B-777. In addition to these aircraft he flew the BAe J-31, B-727 and the DC-10 during his 21 year airline career which began with Eastern Airlines and ended with retirement from Continental Airlines in 2006. Including his general aviation experience in many aircraft, John has accumulated approximately 16000 flight hours. He is married with four children and lives with his wife and various animals on his 27-acre "ranch" in Texas.