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This information is for International (non U.S.) students without a U.S. Commercial Pilot Certificate Multi-Engine Rating, without an Instrument Rating, or without an ATP Certificate. The following procedures are necessary for attending our courses.

A little bit of paperwork (yes, real paper...)

Download the Foreign Verification Form and print it off. Read the instructions, fill out the form using blue or black ink. We will also need front & back copies of your current medical and license.

Scan and e-mail to CPT will send your forms to the FAA via express mail – much faster than you can send it overseas.

Next Steps: The US FAA will send the information to your Civil Air Agency for verification of your license and medical. Your agency will then verify that your license and medical is correct and they will send back to the US FAA. The US FAA will then send a letter of verification to both you and our controlling FAA office in Dallas, Texas. Once you get your copy of the letter, scan and send to Ray and bring the letter with you to class so that we can furnish you with a US rating and the B-737 type simultaneously. The reason for this is that NO US FAA EXAMINER can write a type rating on a foreign license. It will take about 4 weeks for the verification letter to be checked and cleared, so it is important that this part of your enrollment be accomplished quickly.

TSA Approval

Go to and start the application process for your approval to enter our class for training. You will need the following information:

  • Course Name: Boeing 737 Type Rating
  • Course ID Number: The date of your class in DDMMYYYY format. e.g.: If you are attending a class starting August 14th, 2014, your Course ID Number is: 14082014.
  • CAT Number:
    • For Low-Time Pilots with < 1000 Hours: CAT 1
    • For Pilots with > 1,000 Hours: CAT 3
    • For Recurrent 737 Type-Rated Pilots: CAT 4

This process will take approximately 4 weeks for final approval. If you already have fingerprinting on file, approval will take less time.

NOTE:  All of our classes are less than a month, so rather than do the normal INS I-20 form we suggest you come in the US on a B-1 or 2 visa since you will already have TSA approval.

One Last Word

We encourage your to visit our FAQ page for advice on successfully completing our courses.