Crew Pilot Training:

Small classes, enormous focus, since 1978

Approved for VA Benefits


Airline Transport Pilot-Certification Training Program

FAA APPROVED Course Content - Course Cost $4,800

Course Duration 6 Days

The course covers the basic requirements outline in Advisory Circular 61-138 and FAR §61.156. Completing the course will enable the pilot to take the AIRLINE TRANSPORT PILOT MULTIENGINE (ATM) knowledge examination. Our course includes 30 hours of classroom curricula that encompasses areas of study in aerodynamics, flight automation, adverse weather conditions, air carrier operations, transport airplane performance, professionalism, and leadership and development (CRM).

Flight training included in the course is 4 hours of training in a Boeing 737 EFIS or Next Generation (NG) Level 4 (or greater) Flight Training Device (FTD). Followed by 6 hours of full flight (FSS) training, in a Level C or D Flight Simulator that applies a practical application to the classroom academics.

Minimum Course Requirements

FAA Commercial License, Aircraft Single or Multi-engine Land rating with an Instrument rating.

Training Center Locations

Time Away From Home

The course is scheduled for six days. At completion of the training you will be awarded a certificate, which will allow you to take your FAA ATP Knowledge Exam. We have a testing center near all training centers.

Class Scheduling and Enrolling

Classes are ongoing. However, if you have a special day you would prefer, bring a few of your buddies and we will try our best to accommodate you.

To submit an application either:

Any queries, please address to our contact page.


Documents required to Complete Enrollment

The following document copies must be received prior to class date via email to

ATP (or) Commercial license: If you hold the ATP we will need a GOOD CLEAR copy (pdf) front and back, and signed. If you hold a Commercial license and have the ATP written, CPT will need a (pdf) copy of the ATP exam results and the ATP certificate from the ATP-CTP school you attended.
Medical: No medical required. However, if you are filing for veterans benefits you will need a valid civilian first class medical within 6 months of class date.
Copy of passport OR Birth Certificate: If you use your Birth Certificate we will need TWO forms of picture ID and make them clear (pdf) copies please.
Picture: Photo (Jpeg) current (about the size of a passport) in color. This is a requirement of the TSA. Take a selfie of yourself with your smartphone.
VA information: COPIES of all college transcripts that you list on VA form 22-1990 block 14C. Unofficial copies are OK.

ATP CTP Course Tuition: $4,800

A first deposit of $1,500 is required when enrolling and can be received by one of 3 ways:

  1. M/C or Visa no service charge for the first deposit.
  2. Personal check
  3. Bank transfer (CPT uses Bank of America).

The course balance ($3,300) is due in our home office 10 days prior to class by a Personal Check or Bank Transfer (CPT uses Bank of America). Please contact the home office for bank transfer information at (850) 603-5812 or Service charge (3%) applies when using credit card for the second deposit.

Please make payments to:

Crew Pilot Training, Inc
PO Box 6692
Kingwood, Texas 77325-6692

Veteran's Benefits

We are VA approved for veterans benefits. VA refunds normally take approximately 4 to 8 weeks after graduation. Upon completion of the course, CPT will provide copies of all VA paperwork that were filed on your behalf.

More information is available on our VA Benefits page.

International Students

All foreign students, and students holding Green Cards, must apply for TSA approval prior to attending class. This is a requirement even if you have been approved at another U.S. flight school, regardless of visa; approval is required for each U.S. flight school or center you wish to attend. You must apply through at least four weeks prior to class.

Cancellation/Refund and Rescheduling Policy

All cancellation notices must be by email or certified mail in our home office 30 days prior to class date. Please reference our cancellation and rescheduling policies.