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Save $500.00

Crew Pilot Training is happy to announce the addition of our Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP CTP) to our course catalog.

Call us today to receive our introductory price of $4000.00 for November classes at our Miami Florida Satellite Center.

Next available ATP CTP class is in Miami Florida November 14: We have two pilot slots avaliable in that class.

Thanks to a very successful influx of students, all October and November ATP CTP Atwater classes are currently full. Please call to reserve your class in Miami.

Sanford, and Freeport (Eglin AFB) Florida Satellites will be available in December for student pairs.

Call us today: (281) 360-1010 - or apply online.


We are an FAA-approved, Part 142, Flight Training School that provides a comprehensive selection of Boeing 737 flight training courses for commercial pilots who wish to upgrade to an Airline Transport Pilot's Certificate with a Boeing 737 aircraft type rating, or just adding a B-737 type rating to your current Airman's Certificate.

Need to gain 61.58 currency, require a specific pilot specialty course, or just prepairing for an airline simulator interview, Crew Pilot Training can fill your training needs.

Crew Pilot Training is devoted to advancing the careers of professional pilots from all over the world. It is our commitment to give you complete and comprehensive training by highly experanced instructor pilots to ensure your success. Never get lost in the crowd. 2-4 students typically attend a class, meaning that you receive focused attention from our instructors pilots.

All of our instructor pilots and Training Center Evaluators are current or retired airline pilots. Each instructor has thousands of hours of line flying experience at major & national airlines.

Finish your type rating in approximately 10-12 days. (Training times vary based on student experience.)

Crew Pilot Training is a Veterans Administration approved Flight Training Center. We have proudly been serving the Men and Women who have served the United States of America for over 35 years.

  I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Gib is an awesome instructor. He was very knowledgeable and extremely patient. As an instructor myself, I know how hard that can be to maintain over countless hours on end especially 6 hours in the sim at a pop. I appreciated how condensed the course was, as we wasted no time during any part of the day. I spent "free time" in the office space, going over checklists, flows, and EP's with the Wooden Indian, which was immensely helpful. I am recommending your course to other pilots in my squadron, so you may be hearing from some of them soon. 
  By the way this type ride ended at 2am and we still found someplace nearby to celebrate. Thank goodness for Bryson's where you can get a good pint and some wings until 3am weekdays and 4am on the weekends. 

Seniority is everything in the airline world.
Let us help you get there!

ATP-CTP — This course will satisfy the requirements of the Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program and allow graduates to meet the prerequisites for the Airline Transport Pilot Airplane Knowledge Test.
Classic 737 Type Rating — Crew Pilot Training offers the Boeing 737 Classic 300/400/500 type rating program at our Miami Florida Satellite Center.
Boeing 737 NG Type Rating — Crew Pilot Training offers the Boeing 737 Next Generation 700/800 series type rating program at our Atwater California Satellite Center.
Recurrent Training — Is it time to get refreshed? We can provide 61.58 Recurrent Training & Proficiency Checks at our Atwater California and Sanford & Miami Florida Satellites
Differences Training — Crew Pilot Training provides differences training from the B737 Classic to the B737 NG series aircraft
Interview Sim Prep — Have an interview soon? We will prepare you for your interview sim ride